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Welcome to the official Altair channel!If you missed our latest Altairation, you can check it out here! Our schedule for future planned broadcasts is below so you don't miss another.
SchedulePlanned broadcasts will include dates and times nearer the time once those are confirmed!
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MARCH 2022
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About AltairThank you for visiting the official Altair team page. We're so glad to have you here. Thank you for being a part of the journey of "this will be real some day" to what will be known as "the early days". We'll provide live updates here, and sometimes you may just see the team hanging out to chat with you all.
Visionary ProgramWe're extremely grateful for the Visionaries that have joined and supported us in the past year and a half. The enormous amount of support has given us a wonderful foundation for our Season 0 testing. As such, we've closed the Visionary program. If you were unable to join the program before it closed, please know we are thankful for your support and interest.
Our Public MetricsWhile it's our mission to have your metrics be opt-in, we're showing ours off by default. Yes, this is a real view of our internal data! Transparency is another one of Altair's tenets, and one that is of the utmost importance.
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