Mindfully-designed content creation.

We're building an alternative content creation platform—one whose primary focus is to support the mental health, safety, and livelihoods of our creators and their communities. We don't want to be bigger because of our creators, we want to be better for our creators.

We're working on bringing our Manifesto home, but while we do that, you can see it here.

Mindfully Designed

Mindfully designing user experiences places mental wellness as the top consideration when crafting products and interfaces. This requires putting substantially more thought into how parts of an experience impact a user's short-term and long-term state of mind.

Flat Creator Structure

Creator structures are ultimately tied to money and status. It is our firm belief that the goals around content creation should revolve less around a status symbol, and instead around one's own willingness to achieve the stability and creative-actualization they're looking for.

For the Public Benefit

Our mission is to provide a space for content creation that fosters mental wellness. As a registered public benefit corporation, we measure our success as a company by how well we achieve that mission, not by the size of our profits.

Creator Compensation

We believe creation can be sustainable. As Altair grows, so do our creators. At launch, we will be offering a competitive cut in comparison to other services that'll help cover our operational expenses. As we hit revenue goals, our cut will go down so our creators make more.

A Seasonal Model

We don't think in two week intervals, and neither will our product. Taking a cue from the gaming industry, features will be developed in seasons: predictable spans of time that allow for proper communication, feedback, and iteration, while being mindful of our team's well-being.

No Intrusive Advertising

We would rather shoulder the burden of building a legitimate freemium revenue model for Altair than compromise our core values. Ads aren't a mindful experience, they're disruptive.


We know that switching platforms is not a decision made lightly. That is why our earliest supporters are called Visionaries. They're thinking and planning on how we can disrupt the status quo of our industry together.

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