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As we progress with platform development and continue building Altair, we’ll be updating everybody with what’s happening at the moment and what to expect in the future.Previous Altairations
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Personal Profiles

Everybody is Unique

At Altair, your profile is a place to express yourself and share your passions and interests with the community. Our goal is to provide building blocks for users to create a profile that is as unique as they are.
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Creator Subscriptions

Mindful Memberships

We don’t think you should feel pressured into maintaining creator subscriptions and therefore, auto-renew is disabled by default. Of course you can enable them on a per channel basis whenever you want to!
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Future Proofing

Iterative by Design

We understand the importance of iteration and revisiting things based on feedback and the needs of our users. We’re taking this mindful approach to our current design system that gives us the freedom to change things easily.
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Altair Going Forward

In order to successfully deliver our mission, a great deal more work is required. We want to set clear expectations with you all, make it easier to find information, and most importantly, make sure that we’re taking our own tenet of Mindfulness into consideration as we move forward.
Multiple AuthorsSep 22, 2021 6 min read
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Why Altair

A personal blog piece from Jackie, our Product Lead, on why they joined the team and their experiences since joining Altair as a Korean-American on the team.
Jackie NaJul 30, 2021 5 min read
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Season of the Visionary

With our November debut around sixteen weeks away, we go over what the heck a season is, why we chose that model, and what our first season has in store for you.
Bryan VelosoJul 30, 2021 6 min read
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Raúl Sáez joins Team Altair

Today marks Raúl Sáez's first day as a member of Team Altair. Hailing from Spain, he joins us as "Employee #1" and is our second team member from the UK (Dave h...
Bryan VelosoJul 02, 2021 1 min read

Flat Creator Structure

Tiered structures are tied to status. We avoid creating titles or tiers that are not mindful of a creator's mental wellness. We won't have a partnership program.

Opt-in Analytics

You are more than the number of followers or concurrent viewers you have. On Altair—as a default—you won't be forced to see them.

No Disruptive Advertising

Video advertisements are intrusive. We're building a business model that doesn't depend on the disruption of your experience, or the harvesting of your data.
Creator Discovery

Natural Exploration

You and your channel are more than a statistic and we don’t think your metrics should dictate how others discover you. We’d like to imagine our Discovery process feeling more natural and fair.
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We’re raising now on Wefunder

Rather than being beholden to VC stakeholders, our vision is to build a platform that prioritizes our users and have them be the stakeholders we serve first. With that goal in mind Altair is raising capital on Wefunder. This allows us to continue building and serving our community while we grow our team and platform.Raised so far: $116,037 from 146 investors.Invest In Altair