You deserve a platform that prioritizes your mental health.

Streaming and content creation, coupled with a strong community can be a positive influence on a person's life, both mentally and financially. Yet, so many creators only realize this after burning out. We're creating a platform that'll help you find that future, without the anxiety or the burnout.

All screenshots on display are of a product that is still in heavy development. They're likely to change as we progress.
Profile page screenshot

Flat Creator Structure

Tiered structures are tied to status. We avoid creating titles or tiers that are not mindful of a creator's mental wellness. We won't have a partnership program.

Opt-in Analytics

You are more than the number of followers or concurrent viewers you have. On Altair—as a default—you won't be forced to see them.

No Disruptive Advertising

Video advertisements are intrusive. We're building a business model that doesn't depend on the disruption of your experience, or the harvesting of your data.

Privacy Protected

We will not unnecessarily track you, email you, or sell your data. We don't like when this happens to us. We have no interest in wasting our energy trying to make a buck.


We are your fellow content creators, your fellow moderators, your fellow community members. We want to move the industry forward because we live in it daily.

For the Public Benefit

As a registered public benefit corporation, we measure our success as a company by how well we achieve our mission, not by the size of our profits.